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slit drape

Slashed curtain material for extraordinary dramatic effects

  • Slit Diffraction material picks up and bounces light.
  • Fabricated entirely of durable self-extinguishing vinyl.
  • Each Slit Drape unit is 3' (0.9m) wide and as many units as needed may be used for a seamless, continuous curtain.
Slit drape is Rosco's exciting version of the familiar slashed curtains widely used in the display trade and the performing arts.

Overlapping 1/8" layers of material provide a remarkable effect of bouncing, shimmering light. The diffraction used in some of the models refracts the light into spectacular patterns of color.

Slit drape is constructed entirely of durable, self-extinguishing vinyl. It resists tearing or scratching and the surface requires virtually no maintenance at all to retain its extraordinary properties. The finished Slit drape is lightweight enough to move gently with any air movement... thus adding to the "bounce" of light from the drape.

Slit Drape units are three feet (0.9m) wide and maybe ordered in 8' (2.4m), 16' (4.8m) or 24' (7.2m) lengths. The units can be secured onto a doorway, opening, wall, or any convenient location with staples, tacks or tape.

Ref. number Description Length
#2610 Solid Black 8'
  Solid Black 16'
  Solid Black 24'
#2609 Solid Silver 8'
  Solid Silver 16'
  Solid Silver 24'
#2625 Solid Gold 8'
  Solid Gold 16'
  Solid Gold 24'
#2608 Black/Silver 8'
  Black/Silver 16'
  Black/Silver 24'
#2602 Black/Gold 8'
  Black/Gold 16'
  Black/Gold 24'
#2600 Black/Diffraction 8'
  Black/Diffraction 16'
  Black/Diffraction 24'
#2606 White/Diffraction 8'
  White/Diffraction 16'
  White/Diffraction 24'
#2601 Silver/Diffraction 8'
  Silver/Diffraction 16'
  Silver/Diffraction 24'
No. #2630 Iridescent 8'
  Iridescent 16'
  Iridescent 24'
#2634 Silver/Iridescent/Gold 8'
  Silver/Iridescent/Gold 16'
  Silver/Iridescent/Gold 24'
#2636 Silver/Gold/Diffraction 8'
  Silver/Gold/Diffraction 16'
  Silver/Gold/Diffraction 24'

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