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A large backdrop hanging from a track near the ceiling to the stage floor level which provides a simple and highly versatile background.

When used to create an “infinity background” the cyc is curved at bottom with the ability to show an image to the viewer that appears to be endless. Also often used in TV studios to project a certain image as the background of the scene or for colour washing via lights to create interesting background effects. Sometimes painted.

Our construction includes heavy webbing sewn along the top with grommets and ties for attachment, a pipe pocket at the bottom to slide in lead rope or tube and hemmed finishing on the sides. It can also be custom made to your requirements with no size limits. Seamless backdrops are manufactured with wide seamless fabrics such as Muslin. If seams are required then they are made vertical from a wide range of fabrics.

Fabrics normally used:

•  Weight: 200 g/m2
•  Width: 3.20 m, 6.20 m and 10.15 m
•  Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
•  Composition: 100 % cotton
•  Colours: Grey, Black, White, Natural and Sky Blue

•  Weight: 320 g/m2
•  Width: 2.00 m and 3.00 m
•  Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
•  Composition: 100% cotton
•  Colours: Black, Grey, White and Blue

Chroma Key
•  Weight: 220 g/m2
•  Width: 1.50 m
•  Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
•  Composition: 100% Polyester
•  Colours: Blue and Green

PVC Screens
•  Weight: 400 g/m2
•  Width: 1.40 m, 2.20 m and 2.40 m
•  Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1 
•  Composition: PVC
•  Colours: Rear White, Front White, Perforated White, Grey, Black, Blue and Translucent.

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