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roscotex scenic fabrics : molton & decomoltonroscotex scenic fabrics : molton & decomolton

molton & decomolton & wool serge

Molton Roscotex

A cotton fabric, available up to 3.00 m wide. Very economical, so ideal for budget drapes, masking fabric and scenery.

Weight: 320 g/m2
Width: 2.00 y 3.00 m
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% cotton

Decomolton Roscotex

Ideal for masking scenery, covering walls or folding screens. Lighter and less opaque than Molton.

Weight: 160 g/m2
Width: 3.00 m.
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100%


Samples Reference Colour Availability
nº 347 Black

Molton / Decomolton

nº 327 Grey Molton / Decomolton
nº118 White Molton / Decomolton
nº476 Garnet Molton / Decomolton
nº 184 Blue Molton

Super Wool Serge

The super wool is the industry standard of theatrical fabrics, ideal for touring shows and hire drapes. Popular for traditional onstage masking and perimeter curtains, this weight is ideal for school halls, regional theatres, etc

Weight: 525 g/m2
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% wool

Coloured Wool Serge

This coloured serge is the most popular fabric for perimeter and production curtains. Durable, Strong and with good acoustic properties, it comes in a range of stock colours.

13 colours
Weight: 400 g/m2
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% wool

Sold by the linear metre or manufactured.

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