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roscotex scenic fabrics : velvetroscotex scenic fabrics : velvet


Lisboa Velvet

A traditional cotton velvet serving every application on stage from permanent theatre drapes to specialty treatments for specific productions. Available in a wide choice of colours..

Weight: 375 g/m2
Width: 1.22 m (48”)
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% cotton
33 Colours (see colour samples)

Sold by the linear metre or manufactured.

Coimbra Velvet

A traditional stage cotton velvet, this opaque velvet is ideal for any scenic use.

Weight: 520 g/m2
Width: 1.22 m (48”)
Flame Retardancy: CLASS 1
Composition: 100% cotton
10 Colours

Sold by the linear metre or manufactured.

roscotex scenic fabrics : velvetFestoon Reefer Curtain
(Also known as a Austrian)
This curtain is raised and lowered by means of a series of vertically pulled draw lines that run through guide rings sewn to the rear vertical seams throughout the curtain. By way of the winch line arrangement the curtain is raised and lowered and can be set to different contours. Available in a static and practical version. Static does not have rings or machinery- it is simply flown out of a batten.

roscotex scenic fabrics : velvetItalian Curtain
(Also known as a tableau)
Consists of two curtain panels overlapping at the centre. A set of draw lines tied separately to the bottom corner of each centre overlap. These run diagonally to the upper corners to form a gate-shaped draped when activated.

roscotex scenic fabrics : velvetContour
(Also known as a Venetian)
The contour consists of one piece curtain that can either be static or practical. The curtains appearance is like a standard curtain when closed but can be set to different contours via rear attached rings and wires. Similar to an Italian but greater contour variety.

Swags and Legs
Swags are primarily for decorative finishes to proscenium stages, or auditorium seating boxes. They are generally static.

Primarily used to mask entry/exits, off stage (side & rear) areas and on-stage lighting bars, these drapes are typically manufactured in black fabric, and serve as a drape not to be seen by audience but to “disappear” within the stage set.

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