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Tips on Minimizing Bounce Light (Ambient Light):

  1. Rear-screen projection is less affected by ambient light than front-screen projection, so work with rear-screen techniques whenever possible.
  2. All Rosco screens have a matte front to deflect ambient light.
  3. Deaden the reflective quality of the floor by using Rosco Tough Prime Black, or Supersaturated Black mixed with Rosco Clear Flat as a sealer.
  4. Hang a seamless black scrim at least 2" in front of the screen. The scrim will absorb the light without affecting image quality.
  5. Adjust the image or the screen to two feet or more above the stage floor so that bounce light is reflected below the screen.
  6. Make sure lighting instruments in the vicinity of the screen are angled to reduce light being thrown directly on the screen.
  7. Use high-hats and barn doors to focus light off of or around the screen.
  8. Have the actors maintain a "neutral zone" at four feet from the screen so that lighting them with backlight and sidelight is easier.
  9. Maximize the brightness of the image by using high contrast imagery when working with projection materials. Keep the image size as small as possible, and use the proper focal length lens. Keep the projector as close to the screen as possible.

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